Lungu Vybz

Where are you from and where did you meet?

Lungy Vyz is based in Columbus, Ohio but our father is from Malawi, in South-East Africa and our mother is from Ethiopia, in East-Africa. We are all family.

What's your genre?

Roots Reggae, Rock Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, African

If you could be a part of any band, what band would you choose?

If we could be a part of any band we'd be in the band Roots Radics because they are one of the most legendary reggae bands that are still around today?

If you could open up for any musicians, who would it be?

If we could open for any musicians it would be for Stephen Marley?

What decade does your music belong in?

Or band belongs in any decade because it's ageless music?

If your band was on a deserted island, what album would you hope to have?

If we were on a deserted island, we would listen to Dread and Terrible by CHRONIXX

What's the worst gig you've ever done? Best gig?

Our worst gig would probably be our first Midwest Reggae fest because there were major sound issues such as no monsters, house speakers, drum mic etc. Our best performance was at the Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio because there were almost 3000 people there and the sound was perfect. 

What song would you absolutely never cover?

One song that we would never cover is "I wish you were here" by Alpha Blondy, It's such a classic and can be redone!

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