Long Acres

Where are you from and how did you meet? 

We are from Grove City, Ohio and we met in middle school during band class.

What's your genre?

Rock N Roll

If you could be a member of any band (past or present), which band and what band member would you be? 

Lynard Skynard

If you would opener any musician or band, who would it be?

The Eagles

What decade does your band belong in?

!970's because most of the music we listen to is from the 1970's rock and roll era

If you band was stranded on a deserted island, pick one album that you'd all be happy to have with you?

(pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd) - Lynard Skynard

What's your band practice must-have food?


Name one song that you would absolutely never cover?

Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce because it's too good. 

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