Where are you from and how did you meet? 

Ben and Connor are from Upper Arlington. Dante and Marco are from Clintonville. Ben and Connor met in fourth grade. Ben made a joke and Connor laughed at it. The rest is history. They became friends. Connor started singing in school musicals and choirs and fifth grade and started playing guitar in sixth grade. Ben started playing drums at the same time and we got our first gig a few months later. We were terrible at that first show! 

Connor performed at Shadowbox Live and met Dante there. Dante joined the band in May of 2016 and we played a battle of the bands a week later, we won third place and $100! Marco is Dante’s brother and joined as lead guitar later that summer. 

We have other weird connections and ways our paths have crossed in the past. Marco was a judge for Connor’s Destination Imagination team in elementary school and Marco and Connor both participated in the same summer rock camp. 

What’s your genre? 

Punk and Hard rock. We are influenced by bands like Green Day, the Ramones and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

If you could be a member of any band (past or present), which band and what band member would you be? Why?

Dante bass -  Geddy Lee in Rush

Marco, lead guitar-  Slash in Guns n Roses

Connor, lead singer, rhythm guitar – James Hetfield, Metallica

Ben, drummer - Dave Grohl, Nirvana

If you could open for any musician or band, who would it be? 

Red Hot Chili Peppers

What decade does your band belong in? Why? 

Here and now.

If your band was stranded on an a desert island, pick one album that you’d all be happy to have with you. 

We debated this for almost an hour. Ben likes alternative and punk. Marco likes guitar centric metal. Connor likes roots rock and the classics. Dante likes a little bit of everything. We finally decided on The Ramones self-titled Album. 

What’s your band practice must-have food?

We practice in Ben’s basement and Ben’s dad is a gourmet chef. Our favorite practice food is Mr. Lopez’s Nachos.

 What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played? Best gig? Is Instaband your first gig? 

We played one gig a big venue wit 9,000 attendees… but it was so cold! It was December and below freezing and we started at 6 am. It was a great crowd and we are glad we did it, but Connor’s fingers were numb. Noting would stay in tune. Ben was shaking so hard. We were in hats so we couldn’t hear ourselves.

Crestfest was a great gig! We had a big crowd dancing out in the street. We were on the stage right where people exited and entered so we had a lot of exposure.

We played out almost every week this summer at festivals, private parties, bars, restaurants, fundraisers and even churches. We had one day we did two shows back to back the same night and we did three shows the week of Fourth of July. We took most of the late fall and winter off to record our first studio tracks and will be playing out again starting in February. 

Name one song that you would absolutely never cover. 

Any Nickleback song. 

What’s your writing process like? 

Ben and Connor write the lyrics. Connor composes the melody. Ben writes the drum track. Dante and Marco do most of the arrangements, the bass line and the leads. 


11. Any fun facts? 

By pure coincidence we are all of Hispanic background. Ben and Connor are both of Mexican decent and Dante and Marco are Cuban. So we love Hispanic food and culture. You’ll see that in some of our branding, for example, we have Mexican wrestling masks on our band signs. 

Marco’s High E string is 20 years old.  

We all pursue the arts outside of W.U.V.A.L. Ben is in marching and concert band. Dante and Marco write, act and produce movies. Connor has a solo acoustic Americana/Folk act and can be found performing at bars and restaurants around Columbus.


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