Cami Raquel

What’s your genre?


If you could be a member of any band (past or present), which band and what band member would you be? Why? 

I would be Derek Sanders from Mayday parade because the tone quality of his voice is just stellar. 

If you could open for any musician or band, who would it be?

Taylor Swift- I’m obsessed. 

What decade does your band belong in? Why?

Ugh I forever wish I was a teen in the early 90s. I would fit in PERFECT. 

If you band was stranded on an a desert island, pick one album that you’d be happy to have with you.

Continuum- John Mayer is perfect deserted island music. 

What’s your must-have food for practice?

Can’t function without my coffee. 

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played? Best gig? Is Instaband your first gig?

My best gig was at a restaurant in Powell, and the weather was terrible but a good amount of people stayed to listen and I felt SO blessed. My worst gig was pretty much every gig that I played at bars when I was 13. Everybody was SO uncomfortable, but i just jammed. 

Name one song that you would absolutely never cover.

Any Bruno Mars songs. They are too perfect already. 

What’s your writing process like?

It differs from song to song, but I usually start with a song idea or title, and write a progression that I feel will fit the vibe I am going for. I then follow with lyrics, and change them ENDLESSLY. 

Any fun facts?

When I was 10, I spent HOURS in my bedroom learning how to play Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter on guitar with my feet. I’m a bit rusty now, but it was epic. I also drive a pink jeep and she is my pride and joy. 


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