Forever Unknown


Members: Micah Stromsoe Delorenzo (vocals), Evan Pond (guitar), Jacob Hutmire (bass), Blake Bennett (guitar), Sully Gerdeman (drums)

Where are you from and how did you meet?

Micah is from Columbus; Blake, Sully, Jacob, and Evan are from Pickerington. Jacob, Blake, and Evan began playing together through a band program at The Rock Factory. Last year, Sully joined the band and then Micah was introduced to everyone not long after.

If you could be the member of any band, which band and what member would you be?

Blake- Foo Fighters- Dave Grohl, because he’s “the Jesus of rock n’ roll.”

Sully- Stone Roses- Manny, because his bass lines are catchy and fun to play.

Jacob- John Mayer, I love his play style.

Micah- Joan Jett, because she’s a legend.

Evan- Nirvana- Kurt Cobain, because they are the reason I was inspired to learn to play music.

If you could open for any band, who would it be?

Greta Van Fleet

What decade does your band belong in? Why?

The 90s, because we tend to draw inspiration from the bands and artists of that decade.

What’s the worst gig you’ve ever played? Best gig?

Our worst gig was a festival that included a walk/run for charity. They put us on stage as the walkers left and nobody was left to watch us play. The best gig was when we opened for We Are The Movies at the Big Room Bar.

What’s your writing process like?

It’s a collaborative process. It usually starts with one of us messing around on the guitar and coming up with a basic riff or song and sharing it with the other band members. After Micah listens to it, she comes up with lyrics. When the band gets together, we listen to the two together and then begin to layer in the other parts.

Any fun facts?

All of the band members play multiple instruments and switch several times throughout their setlist.